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Christy Librizzi

A self-described real estate junkie, Christy Librizzi has been involved with homes in one form or another from a young age. From hanging wallpaper with her parents as a kid to property management, rehabbing and project management as an adult, Christy has the hands-on skills coupled with the boots-on-the-ground experience to back her knowledge of the real estate world.

Christy has a mind for details, and intimate knowledge of the landlord-tenant laws, neighborhoods and residents she serves as well as the interpersonal communication skills visible from the first smile to the last handshake (and probably a hug). Her friendly and enthusiastic personality shines during every interaction and her level-headed approach to challenges makes her a terrific asset to any team.

Christy desires to provide her residents with safe and affordable housing that fits their needs. Armed with the knowledge and skills to make ugly houses pretty, Christy can provide the vision necessary to transform a diamond-in-the-rough to a sparkling jewel, enabling her clients to save money and create strong portfolios.

A Milwaukee resident since 1995, Christy loves the outdoors, traveling and everything having to do with her three kids and grandkids. In her free time, you’ll probably find her with her nose in a good book, somewhere eating fantastic food or taking pictures to document her adventures.

Apartment Association of Southeastern Wisconsin, Inc.
PO Box 4125
Milwaukee, WI 53204-7905
Phone: 414-276-7378

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