Dear Members,

We are excited to announce a change for our organization. As you may have already heard, we have officially changed our name to the Rental Property Association of Wisconsin, Inc. (RPA of Wisconsin).

Our change of name will make us more inclusive to smaller and medium-sized investors. Whether you own single-family rental properties, duplexes or apartment buildings, have a property management business or provide goods and services to housing providers, the RPA is here to support you! We intend to be the platform where all Wisconsin real estate investors, property managers and service providers can learn, network and collaborate in order to successfully grow their businesses.

We are thrilled about this change and what it means for our members. We are expanding our activities with a series of events and workshops. We will again be presenting our very popular annual trade show/convention. We will continue to hold our semiannual Bootcamp seminars which give valuable legal and practical advice on how to run your operation.

We are asking all members to help us spread the word about our new name and invite any investors and housing service providers to join the largest association in Wisconsin for real estate investors: the RPA of Wisconsin. By expanding our membership, we can create an even stronger community; importantly, this will also help us achieve our legislative goals with the state government in Madison and with locally where our members own rental properties.

We thank you for your continued support. Please help the Rental Property Association of Wisconsin grow and thrive!


Mike Cottrell, President
Rental Property Association of Wisconsin, Inc.

Rental Property Association of Wisconsin, Inc. (Formerly AASEW)
P.O. Box 4125
Milwaukee, WI 53204-7905
Phone: 414-276-7378

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