Appealing Property Assessments from 2022

05/05/2023 4:00 PM | Dawn Anastasi (Administrator)

By Heiner Giese, RPA Counsel

Attention Milwaukee Property Owners!

You will have received a notice like the one below from the City of Milwaukee’s tax assessor office.

It tells you that the assessed value of your real estate parcel has not changed for 2023. What it DOES NOT make clear is that you can still appeal last year’s assessment if it was too high and you missed the May 2022 deadline to file an appeal or if you have now decided that the assessment is too high and it should be appealed.

I recently spoke to two owners. One of them negligently let last year’s deadline pass (the assessment on his three unit building had been bumped by $50,000). The other owner lost the second stage of his appeal on a technicality. But owners can now appeal that 2022 assessment which has become the 2023 assessment.

You should go to to learn about your appeal rights.

The deadline is May 15, 2023.

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