• AASEW Eviction Study

Data for evictions filed in Milwaukee County has been available online through the Wisconsin Consolidated Court Automation Program (CCAP) for many years. This data is tracked and reported on by organizations such as the Eviction Lab at Princeton University. However, reporting about the online data by academic researchers contains missing or misleading information about many aspects of the eviction process — mainly because individual eviction cases have not been examined in depth.

The AASEW decided to conduct our own study. We selected the month of December 2019 and examined the complete case record and all documents filed in court for that month’s 1,101 residential evictions. We picked December 2019 because it was before the COVID pandemic affected the courts. Also, going back earlier than December 2019 would have omitted cases already removed from online records by the CCAP administrator (which is done for all eviction cases older than two years if a judgment was not entered against a tenant).

Please click on the link below to access our full report.

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